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How to make a simple sidechain in Fruity Loops

Hello everybody many people asked me about sidechaining, and lot of other things in making music thats why i start up this “how to make in fruity loops” – series. I try to explain now every mouth a new term.

First what is a sidechain?

Side-chaining may use the level of another signal so that when the external signal is stronger the compressor acts more strongly to reduce output gain. This is used by disc jockeys for ducking – lowering the music volume automatically when speaking. The DJ’s microphone signal is routed to the compressor’s sidechain so that whenever the DJ speaks the compressor reduces the volume of the music. A sidechain with equalization controls can be used to reduce the volume of signals that have a strong spectral content within a certain frequency range: it can act as a de-esser, reducing the level of vocal sibilance in the range of 6–9 kHz. A de-esser helps reduce high frequencies that tend to overdrive preemphasized media (such as phonograph records and FM radio). Another use of the side-chain in music production serves to maintain a loud bass track without the bass drum causing undue peaks that result in loss of overall headroom.

A linked stereo compressor without a sidechain input can be used as a mono compressor with a sidechain input. The “key”, “trigger” or sidechain signal is sent to the left input of the stereo compressor while the signal that is to be compressed is routed through the right channel.

That sounds very hard if you didnt understand, but its easy to use.

1: make sure that your Kick is routed to channel 1 and your baseline to 2 in your mixer(F9)
and also the kick is active in your pattern. (in the image point: a, b)

2: Now click at point C where the red arrow is pointing to with the right
mouse button to open a popup menü, where you “choose sidechain to this track”

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