Music from Ce.nk also known as mhonolog and Free tracks i found on soundcloud!

noize generation

I want you to know this ill insane producer from coburg germany.
Jewgeni Grischbowski (DJ/Producer/Remixer) in spring 2009.
makes this not long but we all looking at him when we talking about next fidget super hero :), actually his working on more then 2 releases at the same time, so keep you ears opend!

I am also proud to say we won him for Cheese & Leek Soup Record. also an big opend remix contest is planed in very near future.

so nothing more to say then: flip, bang, Boom. The Roof is on fire tracks:
here some free tracks:

Zombie Nation – The Mind of Many (Noize Generation Remix)byNoize Generation

More to listen on his soundcloud page:

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