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ce.nk – make her dance fidget vol.6

The next part of my mix series make her dance fidget comes with real upcoming dubstep kids they make such professional sound. somewhere at minute 17 i play my own last track transaction wich is a kind of bridge to fidget. check out yourself. Read the rest of this entry »

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ce.nk – tigerclaw ep MP3 Download
Tigerclaw EP
download at
ce.nk - tigerclaw ep

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F2U – Banana Bomb (ce.nk remix)

yes, here we go with my remix, its a mix of fidget style and straight maximal beats. check it out!

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LH1 – British Bollywood

LH1,The freshest Producer Taking off from Manchester UK .In and around the World of Ever Evolving Sounds and Trends,LH1’s Style is Unprecedented and Transcends Genres of Music.Breaking Boundaries in an Eclectic way, Pioneering Producer LH1,Has His Own Dubstep,The Unique Style & Approach has Gained much Support by BBC Radio

Quote Nihal – BBC Radio 1 ”LH1 has amazed me with his beat bending, bassline weaponry. He makes tracks that burst with energy, tracks that keep the trainspotter and the raver happy. From Dubstep to electro I’m expecting big things from LH1 in 2010”

I get a request for supporting, a guy called jamal is making a new dubstep style sound as “LH1” i give checked all his tracks out and yes its diffrent.
Here is a one with bollywood sounds, my favorite.

LH1-British Bollywood by LH1
Video hinzufügen

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Kontats 502 – requake

Whobbles from Japan. Kontats 502 The name sounds, like the musik it self, very fine taking dubstep tracks. i liked this one.

?requake by konats 502

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Nobody Beats the Drum – Grindin

i get this link yesterday. Realy rocking check…

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Dirty Talks

Dirty Talks, Oporto, Portugal

I found Dirty Talks very soon in soundcloud. He Plays Realy only shit that i like or played my self, after a while thinking about cloning, i suggest to write him, well looks like he isnt one. But he playes realy the shit off.

About Dirty Talk:

“- What is this sound coming out of the speakers??
– Don’t worry, it’s just Dirty talk
-Who the fck is Dirty talk??”

Dirty talk is just a guy who plays loud, distorted, maximal shitty music…
The best way to describe him is “sick bastard!” or “please, turn that damn thing even louder!!”
Imagine a mixture of indie music, intense noise, dirty metal guitar riffs, electro sounds and screams… got it? That’s how sick this guy is!

Trash-Rock-Indie-Punk-Electro-Dirty style baby!!!

Dirty talk – It’s fidget again (@ X-SUNDAYS 7) by Dirty_talk

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daz butane – 20th march at black market warsop – dubstep teaser

daz butane daryl eaton, nottingam, Britain (UK)

This guy is fully falling in love with dubstape and you can hear it, it sounds realy good, uk style dubstape. he also let you download his tracks on soundcloud


20th march at black market warsop – dubstep teaser by daz butane

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CLOCKER – February 2010 Mixtape

Andrea Fontaneto aka CLOCKER has 16’s and he is an italian dj & producer.He was born in Novara on 12th July 1993. what did they do in your water there ?, that all italians make sound like this?

CLOCKER – February 2010 Mixtape by CLOCKER

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