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Cheese & Leek Soup Records team | Plan-e | Plasma2097

My Label Cheese & Leek Soup records are on the start. im gonna start now in a short series,
to introduce the artist and the team & there own work.

letz start with the team. to have everything in best shape: plan-e

this german producer makes music as long i can think and he is also an expert in studio /
mastering things. He checks all our comming releases and masters it.

His own music is straight dark techno style. here i show you a brand new Techno-dj set of him. well known arround europe.

Plan-E BDSM Session Set 22.01.10 by plan-e

For all image / art works we have Demysh here u can see a short preview of his work, and also like its shud be he makes music to. he says “NO GUIDELINES, NO RULES – JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT. he makes music with all of his hardt.

PLASMA2097 – Give Me 5 EP – 04 – Restart by plasma2097

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Flo Rida – You Spin My Head ( Chant Of Victory RMX )

Flo Rida – You Spin My Head ( ChantOfVictory RMX )(1) by ChantOfVictory

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Ludacris vs. Sidney Samson – How Low Is Ours ( Gianni Marino Up van Mash )

i get this one per link, Congrats to Gianni Marino for this great one…”itilia again” 🙂

Ludacris vs. Sidney Samson – How Low Is Ours ( Gianni Marino Up van Mash ) by Gianni Marino2

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Day n night vs belzebass (massive monkey rmx)

I found this day n night remix must listen!

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