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[clsr-002] F2U – Black Circus EP

[clsr-002] F2U – Black Circus EP by Cheese & Leek Soup Rec

F2U Dj’s are two disturbed guys from Portugal who love to make
innocent people suffer with very loud and distorded bassline’s. Bruno
and Mário both living outside of Lisbon have been playing and
producing in the Electro Scene since late 2008.
With participations in Freedom Festival 2009, in the Alternative
Stage, and with many appears on the X-Sundays Radioshow hosted by
Dirty Talk, on HouseBox Radio. They usually play Fidget, Electro,
Indie and all the Maximilist stuff they can find!
And as we like to say, … No mercy for the weak!

Noize Generation, is a music project which was set up by Jewgeni Grischbowski (DJ/Producer/Remixer) who just released on Traktor Records and won the Zombie Nation Remix Competition. His work was already supported by Cyberpunkers, Zombie Nation, Edu K, Haezer, SAint Pauli, Markus Lange and other cool dudes!

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noize generation

I want you to know this ill insane producer from coburg germany.
Jewgeni Grischbowski (DJ/Producer/Remixer) in spring 2009.
makes this not long but we all looking at him when we talking about next fidget super hero :), actually his working on more then 2 releases at the same time, so keep you ears opend!

I am also proud to say we won him for Cheese & Leek Soup Record. also an big opend remix contest is planed in very near future.

so nothing more to say then: flip, bang, Boom. The Roof is on fire tracks:
here some free tracks:

Zombie Nation – The Mind of Many (Noize Generation Remix)byNoize Generation

More to listen on his soundcloud page:

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